Tuesday, 8 December 2015


On Monday we had our Prize-giving for 2015.
It was a special occasion and we got to celebrate all the wonderful students who have worked so hard this year. 
I am so proud of all the children in Room 9, who work hard every day to be smarter and better than before!

Here are our proud winners: 

For Participation: Taniara Lavea

For Respect: Jaydene King
For Integrity: Ghetto Makatoa
For Determination: Kiera Isaac
For Empathy: Deziah Toby
For Academic Achievement: Micah Hayes, Salesi Tausala, 
Ana Opeti-Finau, Doreen Uta-Perese
For completing Reading Recovery: Eugen Vea, 
Anastacia Asalele, Khyba Alesana-Repia, Kendra Rowe-Mills
Fantastic Fledgling Award: Kendryek Monga

Monday, 23 November 2015

GOOGLE comes to Rowandale!

Google came to Rowandale today to share some exciting new equipment, Google Cardboard Cameras!

Here is the recount Ghetto wrote about today's visit...

This morning we went to Room 14 and we saw some cameras with cardboard all around for practising. 
They were called googly cardboard cameras. The reason the googly cardboard camera has cardboard on it was because then we can hold it on the side or we might press the button that makes it blurry.
The first adventure we went in was the sea. We saw sharks then we went to the mountain and I saw a family going on a hike. Next we went in the jungle. It looked like there was just a family but when I looked on my left it looked like a monkey but it was not a monkey. I was scared because it looked like the gorilla was coming to me it looked real. 
Then we went to the next one. The next 3D picture was Egypt. I saw a pyramid and I saw loads of pyramids, some people were building them.
It was amazing!
By Ghetto

Please comment on our Blog, the class with the most comments wins a Google Cardboard Camera to keep! 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Superheroes' Amazing Rama and Sita Show!!!

Well done Superheroes, your show was amazing!!
I am super proud of you! 
Thank you if you came to support us! 

Our show!

Hanuman and his Monkey Army!

 The King, Princess Sita, Prince Rama, The Evil Step-Mother and Lakshman!

Ravana, the Demon King with ten heads!

 The Musician, Golden Fawn, Guard and Narrators!

 Princess Sita and the Evil Step-Mother!

Princess Sita and the Guard!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Superheroes music show!

Today we performed our song, "You are my sunshine".
We have practised really hard and worked as a team.
Thank you to all the families who came to support us :) 
Look how well we did!

Monday, 2 November 2015

'Dojo' reaches 1000 points!

Today we reached 1000 Dojo points! 

We can get Dojo points for lots of different things, like showing respect, focus, kindness and quality work.

When we reached 500 points, the Superheroes chose to celebrate with a movie and popcorn party!

Now that we have reached our next target, the class can choose their reward! What will it be? 

Awesome work Superheroes!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Three Little Pigs - Read by the Superstar Heroes...

Room 9 doesn't need Miss Lines to read our shared book anymore!
Watch Kiera, Deziah and the rest of the Superheroes read the "Three Little Pigs."
Can you hear them reading with expression? 

Sunia - Superstar writer!

This week we have been reading the "Three Little Pigs". 
We retold the story in writing time.
Read Sunia's amazing retell! Look how he is learning how to edit and use different punctuation, like speech marks!